Bill production made simple.

Lowest Postage

We are committed to providing you with the lowest postage rates available. Our production process is designed to streamline the traditional mailing process, reducing expenses and overhead that can affect your bottom line.

We carefully follow USPS guidelines for the most cost-effective sorting and mailing processes, and we do not mark up postage fees. After each mailing, we provide a postage report that details the postage breakdown for each article mailed.

Certified Postal Software

We do not mark up our postage fees. That is our commitment to you.

With our Certified Postal Software, we ensure that you are receiving the lowest postage rates available. We utilize postal cleansing methods to ensure mailing addresses follow USPS guidelines to reduce postage rates. We ensure print runs are sorted by USPS guidelines, also to reduce postage rates.

USPS Detached Mail Unit Program

Both Arista production facilities are certified U.S. Postal Service Detached Mail Units (DMU). As a DMU, Arista has an arrangement with the USPS to have a full time postal employee onsite at each production facility in order to oversee all outgoing mail, ensuring the mail goes into transit with the Postal Service in the shortest possible amount of time.

In cooperation with the USPS, Arista:

  • Follows an automated manual acceptance process so USPS can process the mail more effectively;
  • Offers improved USPS delivery rates based on higher quality mail;
  • Utilizes diagnostic reports which we use to improve the mail quality.