Bill production made simple.

Fast Turnaround

Your business relies on rapid delivery of billing statements, invoices, notices, and other communications. With Arista, you can be confident that your correspondence will be handled with the some of the fastest production times in the industry.

Billing files, statements, and delinquent notices are printed and sent out – whether traditional paper or electronic – within 24 hours. For traditional postal mail, Arista utilizes USPS onsite approval, with a dedicated USPS employee overseeing the mail sorting process, to ensure rapid mail handling that speeds through the postal service and gives your mailings priority handling.

Electronic files, statements, and notices are generated instantly when billing files are processed, and emails are often generated and delivered before the printed copy is even in the mailbox.

To maintain continuity of service in the case of a power or hardware failure, Arista maintains redundancy within and between both production plants. By maintaining two production facilities in separate areas, the risk of complete, company-wide downtime is nearly completely eliminated.