Bill production made simple.

Creative Solutions

Start saving time and money by letting Arista handle all of your billing statement design, production, and delivery needs.

Our end-to-end bill presentment and payment suite is supported by a team of design and development professionals who can help you create custom statements and forms to showcase your brand and your message. Once you’re happy with the design, our quality control experts test the data layout and ensure your data prints correctly on each and every bill. When your bills and other items are ready for a production print run, a print and mail expert will personally manage all aspects of your print run, ensuring that the finished mailing meets your needs, our exacting standards, and the guidelines set up by the USPS to ensure the lowest postage cost.

Variable Text Messaging

Our Variable Text Messaging option enables you to print as many targeted messages on your statement as your software can handle. Simply include your message in your billing data file. Messages will always print in the same location on your bill, so your customers will recognize important messages at first glance.

Inserts, Newsletters, Return Envelopes, and Marketing Materials

Our intelligent bill printing software can selectively insert return envelopes and targeted marketing materials aimed at specific customer groups, personalizing the information each recipient receives. Our full color printing capability allows us to generate inserts, newsletters, announcements, and other forms when your bills are generated, saving you costly overhead associated with third-party printing and shipping costs.

Save Time and Money with Arista’s Bill Presentment and Payment Services

Your number one focus is customer service, not the tedious task of printing bills and stuffing envelopes. Our number one focus is customer service – which for us includes printing bills and stuffing envelopes. By selecting Arista for your bill presentment and payment services, you can eliminate the high costs of hardware, sorting equipment, software, building space, paper, envelopes, postage, and all the other tangible expenses that come with printing and mailing your own statements. In addition, in-house bill printing diverts your staff away from other mission critical and customer-facing functions.

With Arista, you are assured that our software is compatible with your data, allowing immediate processing and printing. Your statements will be printed, stuffed, pre-inspected, and sitting on a USPS Bulk Mail truck within 24 hours of receiving your data, regardless of the quantity.

Online E-Check and Credit Card Payment Options

Once your customers receive your bill, how do they get their payment to you quickly and securely? Arista’s Online Payment Processing (OPP) service allows your customers to pay their bills with you directly through their bank’s bill payment option. With OPP, payments made through bank bill pay portals will post to your account electronically. Without OPP, your customers can still set up payments through their bank portal, but payments will be sent via check and can take much longer to be credited to the customer’s account with you. Check payments require manual handling to open, apply the payment, and then deposit to your bank, whereas OPP electronic payments are transferred to your bank and applied to the customer’s account without your intervention.

With Arista’s payment gateway, your business will enjoy competitive processing rates while your customers will enjoy security and simplicity. You can decide whether you will accept electronic checks and what credit cards you will accept, and we will handle the rest – from payment security to gateway availability.

24/7 Service Through Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

With Arista’s IVR solution, you can  offer a round-the-clock automated interactive voice response service that allows your customers to make payments and check account balances. Payments are accepted and applied in real-time, through intuitive and secure technology. IVR also plays a key role in helping you reduce PCI scope by removing sensitive payment data from your company’s phone system. Learn more on our Interactive Voice Response page.