Bill production made simple.


Do you only print utility bills?
We print mailings for any business type. We regularly print bills, statements, notices, letters, checks, and a wide variety of additional documents. In addition to electric, water, and gas utility providers, we also serve a range of businesses outside of the energy sector. Our clients include pest control services, tax offices, cable TV providers, telephone providers, and municipal governments (for taxes and statements).

Can you print in full color?
Yes! As a full service bill and statement print facility, you have several choices for printing your documents. We offer economical highlight color printing, which uses one color to draw focus to your logo and/or sections of your bill. We offer full color printing, which allows you to completely customize your bill to your brand. We also work with pre-printed forms generated and supplied by third-party graphics or print houses.

Can you deliver electronic bills even if we don’t have paper bills printed?
Yes. We offer the e-billing service to all of our customers, regardless of whether you choose to generate paper bills.

Do you offer a way for consumers to pay their bill with me?
Yes. Arista offers a full financial services suite that includes a secure credit card and e-check payment gateway, lockbox payment processing services, and returned check collection. Our Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service enables our clients to provide their customers the online billing and payment experience they expect: electronic bills, consumer payment profiles, payment scheduling, and secure payment by e-check or credit card.

Which credit cards can be used through your payment gateway?
Our payment gateway can accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You can decide which card types your business will accept from your customers.

Do you print inserts?
Depending on the size and style of your insert, Arista may be able to print them for you. Our design and support teams will work with you to determine whether your insert can be included in the print run, or whether it needs to be produced at a dedicated print studio.

What is your turnaround time on bill printing?
Fast! We generate and mail bills within 24 hours of receiving the file, with very few exceptions. We cannot mail your bills when the USPS is closed (holidays, Sundays), or a holiday when our production centers are closed even if the USPS is open. In addition to standard postal holidays, Arista is closed the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve so our employees can enjoy time with their families.

What if your equipment goes down? Do my bills not get printed?
Arista has two production facilities in different states to ensure redundancy in the event of hardware or power failure in either location. Both locations have redundant hardware systems on property in case of machine downtime. In the unlikely event that one location was unable to operate due to power outage or natural disaster, all production automatically transfers to the second location to ensure that production is not halted.