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Enterprise Software Solutions for Today’s Utilities

Arista Information Systems offers our customers a paper billing service that complements our industry-leading utility billing software. Arista’s goal is to make billing easy – and we accomplish this goal by offering complete printing and mailing services for all of your utility bills, invoices, checks, and notices. All of our products are backed by exceptional customer service, lightning-fast processing, and the lowest rates available. We never markup postage fees and the added savings are passed on to our customers. Arista currently mails over 9 million pieces each month – and we understand that each piece of mail is important to your utility, and your consumers. Arista Information Systems is a part of the Meridian Enterprise.


Meridian Cooperative, formerly SEDC, is a trusted leader in the development of innovative utility software and technology solutions. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we’re squarely committed to providing our users with the Billing, Accounting, Engineering, and Operations applications they rely on to provide essential services in their communities. Our all-in-one solutions are cost-effective, flexible, and backed by teams of expert designers and dedicated support staff. With over 45 years of experience, we are second to none in terms of developing cutting-edge technologies and building lasting relationships in the communities we serve.

Futura Systems provides enterprise GIS solutions to hundreds of distribution utilities across the United States. Through our utility-centric approach, Futura provides real-time integration with a wide variety of major utility billing and accounting software providers, empowering utilities to make informed decisions that improve overall service to their customers. As an Esri Gold Business Partner, Futura software solutions are designed with powerful, user-friendly functionality compatible with several other popular GIS products. Futura Systems is a part of the Meridian Enterprise.